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Date: Thu, 4 Jan 1996 02:47:02 UTC
Subject: FOR THE LOVE OF PETE (m/b, not explicit)
Lines: 213FOR THE LOVE OF PETE (man/boy)
Standard disclaimer, bla bla bla, if you are not an adult according to
the law, the government doesn't want you to have erotic
titillation and your mind shall remain virgin preteen petite girls even though you've been
cumming for the last six years. Do not read this.Furthermore, people who are easily offended, people who are not
interested in sex stories involving young boys and people on a crusade to
cleanse the world should NOT read this.Whoever is left should be able to understand that this is only fantasy.I did not write this. I'm posting it for somebody else. Hope you like
it. Send comments to an166744anon.penet.fi"For the Love of Pete" written by BASE. (01/96) FOR THE LOVE OF PETE By skinny preteen pictures Base Pete preteen board guestbook
is my friend's sister's little boy and GAWD is he cute! He's got
short blond hair, sparkling hazel eyes and a face like a sunny
morning, with delicate brown freckles and a devastating smile. Pete
just turned 8 years old. He's got no siblings and his worthless
father's whereabouts are anyone's guess. Oh, and by the way, no one
else knows this, but I'm a boy lover. Now don't panic! I'm 28 years
old and a very responsible person. Anyway, about a month ago, I
offered to take Pete for a weekend. He's fast asleep right now in my
bedroom. We went to the zoo today and then to the playground. It was
the best time I've had in years. Pete is really a special little guy
and ya don't have to be a boy lover to fall deeply in love with him. Right after dinner Pete changed into his Whinny the Poo PJ's. He's
too cute for words in them! Well, I gotta tell ya, I was beat, but
he was far from tired. The boy is just a bundle of energy and he
climbed onto my lap, stuck his adorable nose in my face and
announced:"I'm booooored!""Okay" I sighed resolutely "What do ya wanna do now?""Ummmmmm...I dunno. Wadda YOU wanna do first??" he giggled."Oh no" I countered "Your Mom said I could spoil you rotten all
weekend. So I wanna do whatever YOU wanna do!" The boy managed an absolutely wicked smile and a face so naughty that
the little boy in me got a hard on instantly. He leaned over and whispered
into my ear:"Undressing is fun!" he said softly. My dick nearly exploded. In a breathless instant, a hundred sordid
visions flashed before my mind's eye. I saw my own trembling hands
peeling off the boy's childish pajamas, exposing his tiny pink tits,
bare cocklette and luscious little nuts. I saw my face buried in his
groin, inhaling his essence and tasting his prepubescent sweetness. I
painted his boyhood with loving strokes of my hot tongue and watched
with reckless joy as astonished expressions of ecsatay jumped all over
his angelic face. And then, I turned him over and relished the
delicate curves of his delicious white buns. Gently, I spread his
tender ass cheeks and gazed longingly into his precious little glory
hole. Very lightly, with my quivering tongue, I knocked softly at the
kid's back door, splitting him gently with wet heat. Ever deeper, my
tongue penetrated until he cried with pleasure. At last, I led the
curious boy exploring over my own body, running his fingers around my
heavy cock and balls, discovering my most private parts until his young
lust was satisfied. Then, as the foggy wet dream ended, and my mind
snapped back to reality, I saw preteen fucket the trusting preteen fabulous models
light in little Pete's
innocent eyes."Is that what you want us to do?" I asked, shaking off the fantasy."hehehe YEAH!" the boy giggled and pushed his button nose against mine.
"I like you!!" I shoved my raging hard on deep down between my legs and spun the kid
around so that he was sitting on my lap and hugged him tightly around
the middle. His head fit nicely onto my chest and I rested my chin
softly on his silky yellow hair. The boy quirmed slightly, but then
nestled into my embrace.
"Pete" I began "D'ya know that you're just about the cutest little boy
in the whole wide world?""YEAH!" he said confidently."AAARRRRRR.." I growled playfully. "It WOULD be a lot of fun to see
each other naked, hu??""YEAH!" he said "I bet you got a really big dickie!""Uh hu! I do!" I laughed. "And naked isn't bad, Honey. But, depending
on how ya do it, getting naked with some young japans preteen
one can be like getting sexy, right?""YEAH, LETS GET SEXY!!" the boy called loudly and he turned his head
upwards, so as to look me right in the eyes. If I didn't burst, it was
gonna be a marvel."Getting sexy with someone is really complicated." I cautioned. Pete's
expression turned to total incomprehension."Whaddya mean??" he asked."Well" I continued "Its like you're up to preteen boy gallery second grade math now right?""Uh hu! I like math!" he nn dark preteens
agreed."I know you do!" I said "And no one who's really your friend would try
and make you take a test for 6th grade math right??""No way!" he cried."Well, us getting sexy together would be preteen bikini russian like me making you take a 6th
grade math test, Honey. Its full of stuff you just can't understand yet""What kinda stuff?" he asked. At this point preteen models chinas the very aroma of the boy was starting nn dark preteens to drive me wild.
I had to come up with something to calm us both down and fast."Oh, stuff so complicated not even the smartest Grown-ups can agree on it."
I continued. "Like, if we got sexy, and anyone ever found out.. MAN! That
would be really bad! Policemen might come and put me in jail and never
let me see you again.""Why?" he squeaked, looking scared and confused."`Cause most Grown-ups think its very bad when kids and adults get sexy
together. But some Grown-ups aren't so sure and other Grown-ups think
its okay sometimes.""Whadda YOU think?" the boy challenged me directly."Oh...I'm one of the Grown-ups who aren't sure" I answered honestly."Well, I nn preteen nudists
think its okay sometimes" he said confidently."I bet you do!" I giggled. "But I love you so much that I can't take the
chance, Honey." I kissed the boy's hair softly."But I wanna see you naked!" he whined."Well, maybe tomorrow we'll go to the pool and we can see each other naked
in the showers. How's that?""All naked?" the boy asked and his face lit up with a lusty smile."All naked!!" I assured him."But what preteens video nude
about tonight?" he asked."Well, we can always do this!" I hugged him tightly and rocked him back
and forth in my lap. My hard on was gone and I felt more relaxed. Then I
planted a kiss on the back of his satiny neck and vibrated my lips:"BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUPPPPP!!!!!""AAAAEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIAAAAAAAAAA" Pete squirmed and broke out in
uncontrollable giggles, falling to the floor and lying flat on his
back. There was a little bulge sticking up in the crotch of his PJs!
The boy had a raging hard on and apparently a nice sized little dick
for an 8 year old!"C'mear" I entreated him."NO!! Don't do that no more!!! It tickles too much!" he laughed."Okay, I promise I won't". Pete crawled back into my lap and curled up. I watched TV with him for
another hour or so, petting his soft yellow preteen thong pics hair and rocking him back
and forth. The boy fell fast asleep in my arms. I put my little Prince
to bed and flew into the bathroom. I nearly ripped the lid off the jar
of vaseline, tore off my clothes and within 10 strokes, blew a huge hot
load all over my chest. Like I said, I love the little guy with all my heart. He trusts me
and I'd rather die than betray him. I can't help what makes my dick
hard any more than you can, but lemme tell ya, that little boy means
more to me than anything else in the whole world. And he wants to
see me naked so bad he can taste it! So what am I supposed to do?
Its like I told Pete, naked isn't bad. Whoa...Geez...look at the time! It got real late real fast.. and Pete
and me, we got a big day tomorrow. I gotta get to bed. Calm down, silly.
I'm sleeping on the couch. The End
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